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Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE

Do you like the new Rising Cities forum ?

Poll closed Dec 10, 2013.
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  1. skb13

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    Sorry, the poll closed on 10th December - it says so in small letters underneath the title of the poll.

    I assume if you're collecting paint tins then that's a residential drop from workers only - so it depends how many houses you have that have workers in, and what sort of house - the ones with 2hr rent timers or longer tend to be the best, though I found my eco-row houses didn't do badly.

    Not sure what you mean by your comment about the forum. Questions about events should probably go here, for future reference.
  2. nervo82

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  3. Personally, I believe this game is pretty good. You can progress along pretty well Just stick with it. Also, If you are feeling overwhelmed, disable the emergency system and step up production of building materials. I produce building materials continuously, unless doing an event. If you have some of the keys, when you are doing an event change the high grossing buildings to the the character that is collecting the items you need. I am tpaintdoc05 and my ID is 4657328
  4. kirbyjoe1

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    Confusing!!! I have questions to ask about numerous things and can't figure out where to post them
  5. under each section in the forum is a sticky read first. each of these stickies will inform you as to what type of question can be posted in each forum gl and Happy gaming
  6. -MrMungo-

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    General Questions perhaps?
  7. billyjim

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    A more complete answer would be in what categories do you want to ask?

    General guestions about the game -- Help section/ General Question

    Specific problem about your game -- Help section/ Technical Question (Include your ID and ID number in your post)

    Comments, discussion, opinions -- Gameville/ Speakers Corner

    New Ideas, Suggestions for improvements -- Players & Game/ Update & Idea Pool

    I hope this helps you decide where to post.
  8. Arsuru

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    You know, this inability to see the forums for other languages without changing the language of the game now is pretty annoying. So is only being able to log in if you are logged into the game.
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  9. Geflin

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    I have barely noticed differences since they started the new format before I got very active in the forum. Still figuring it out but it seems ok to me. Agree there should be an access link during down time so forum can be used if that was something we already had before.
  10. double posting is considered as spam, you have had a reply in your original post in the future you may receive a infraction notice.
    happy gaming
  11. Arsuru

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    Minor crosspost into a more relevant thread.

    Serious question: How can the internal forum rules seemingly go against the TOS in regards to what is allowed to be linked?

    Honestly, this is getting annoying. I've recently found, by chance, links to Wikipedia and YouTube either here or on other languages by users, and nobody cared. Not to mention the official podcasts that I totally forgot about are on YouTube.

    Really, this is getting absurd.
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  12. you can place your guides in Tips and tricks. FAQ is for official use only. thanks and gl:)
  13. Tobbe61

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    Well. Nothing reported here last two years and no new constractions or environment in Ricing Cities. The play are going to die. Am I the last one who still play the game.
  14. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Sorry do not understand the question?
    The last post in this thread was April 10, 2015 by a Moderator, April 7, 2015 by a player. That is more recent than two years. New construcion Recieved a new residence yesterday. No new playfield (I think that is what you mean by enviroments) is true we have not had a new playfiel since June 10, 2014, again that is only been ten months.

    So Tobbe61 I am confused and no you are not the last person playing the game. :confused:
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  15. Geflin

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    Just as confused as Sir Cat; we've had three new play fields total in the last couple of years, and new Mayor Levels with a slew of new houses. Not to mention some new Mystery Buildings, and a new house in the Easter event. Sure, things are moving slow, but it is clear the mods and devs are taking players seriously and are trying to give us the things we want. There also seem to be more active players now then when I started RC. But more on topic, I have found the forum to be well structured and filled with good people. I have also found it to work very well to get discussions going about ideas for the game (love that we can do polls for example). Hang around a bit, Tobbe61, I think you'll like what you see.
  16. Good Evening,

    I don't know , was there use to be another forum so yeah. :)

    Your Sincerely,


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  17. billyjim

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    Yes, The forum was redesigned and updated back in November 2013. All previous Forum items were archieved and are not available for reference any more. That is why no one profile is older than this date. The new Forum is a great improvement and is much more stable than the original. It also looks cooler in my opinion. :);)
  18. Thank you for explaining
  19. just started playing how do I add people into my city.?
  20. you will need to build some houses