The (temporary) 76 th Mayor Level

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by T.STARK, Apr 1, 2019.

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Do you think, that is good idea?

  1. Yes, that is great idea!

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  2. No, let's leave that, as now (bad idea).

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  3. No matter for me or I have no opinion about that...

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  1. T.STARK

    T.STARK User

    Hello. I'm old gamer of this game and I have long time ago reached the last available 75th Mayor Level. After I gained all possible experience points, it looks that counter to be no more usefull in game.
    My idea is to create temporary 76th Mayor Level, (until there will be more levels, but I do not belive in that, because game was long time go abandoned) which after fill it of new experience points, it will be still renewed again and again.
    I think it is not a big deal for programmers (if there is any) - it is only what should be done, just copy one of old levels, loop it, change value of reguired exp points, and make new awards like some money, comet and metro money or keys or tickets -anything (in this level that still be the same).
    It will make, that Mayor Level Counter will be usefull again and we can get comets again for sublevels (now, no more after 75th level).
    Is it any chance for that really SMALL update which can make game mor alive or should we forget it like usually?
    Please vote Mayors, maybe it will help a little.
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