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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by nortoncommander, Nov 7, 2014.

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  1. Nothing going on in here. This game is like a sail boat stuck in a gulf with no sign of a wind. Not even Wonderfull Seph the Great has been able to rise this dead bug to life in long months of his rule. Makes me wonder if he is still alive or as dead as his project is. :) Keep comming about once a week to see if anything is happening, but it's still the same old stuff going over and over, one wave after another, no change, no variation. I guess Pirates just shipwrecked this boat. :D :p :D
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  2. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Now Nortoncommander let's not mix our metaphors. Are we a ship becalmed or are we beset by pirates. :p. We are stuck in melancholy, that is true. Some form of excitement would be necessary to wake up the ho-hum existence we have come to expect. It has been almost eight months since we have heard from Seph. Maybe we have witness a coup at BP and Seph was one of the victims. "Off with their heads".

    On personal note I have missed your pithy comments and brilliant insights. Be well. We might get lucky and the powers that be might do something tangible.
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  3. Billy I'm not stuck anywhere. :) I'm playing anogher game and being as "naughty" there as I have been here. :) As usual in life, we do go to the cemetary sometimes, but do not stay at the grave for ever as life goes on. If resurection happens, I might come back and resume my playing. :) Btw, it was actually that Halloween event, so dead boring, that finally put me off playing completelly. So I rather undertook new challenges, new strategies, new horizons to discover .......... well, digital horizons ? Not sure about that really ............ lol :)
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  4. TellusXIV

    TellusXIV User

    With one, I am sure you are creative enough to still follow the ludicrous rules here :)
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  5. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I understand just wanted to let you know you are missed. :( Hope you are having better luck in your new universe. :)
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  6. Tamy

    Tamy User

    Same here, and maybe if more would bother to come back to the forum and post the message will get through? I enjoy playing a long-term, strategic, city building game. I have been playing RC for two years (ouch!) and put lots of time and thinking into it (double ouch!). I finally gave up, and moved to another game because *things happen over there* and because I have a feeling the player's experience is seriously taken into account.
    RC has a huge potential, but it has to keep moving forward, or the passengers will simply jump off (sorry, couldn't resist the metaphor ;)).
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  7. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Another ghost from the past that I miss reading from. :( But, I do understand. Thinking along the same lines just have not pulled the trigger yet. I have two or three more personal goals to set before I will probably follow. Unless something exciting happens. :(:( I do not understand what the developers and managers are thinking, most buisiness try to keep their customers. :confused::eek:
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  8. cecily13

    cecily13 User

    Developers? Where are they? There is no RC developer anymore. Rc has been discontinued. It isn't a business anymore.
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  9. Geflin

    Geflin User

    We now have four playfields so they must be out there somewhere lol Maybe they will revamp the events if there is enough discussion about it. The new playfields were small compared to the original one...wonder why they didn't make them full size. This is a great game, but if they want to keep it growing they really ought to listen to what the players want. After all, if they listen and deliver, free players often become paying players (in my opinion). Happy players recommend a game to friends who just might also like it. I see so many wonderful thoughts and ideas here in the forum, it's a shame they are not implemented faster.
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  10. i seem to remember that the original play field was expanded some 14 months ago, since then we have 3 new play fields and numerous other improvements also quite a few stubborn bugs of which some still need to be fixed.
    Yes it would be nice to get some new improvements into the game including new events and higher levels. However i would like the rest of the bugs fixed then get these much awaited improvement everyone is looking to have in the future. after all this is a game of patience and not a race:)
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  11. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I agree lets get these problems fixed, but tell us what is going on! We have gone many months with nary a word about what is happening. We have had a few cryptic messages that ". . . we are working on it." That is nice but we need to see and hear what is going on in order to understand the issues. Would it cause a failure in the system to say we have these problems.
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  12. Geflin

    Geflin User

    I agree....love the additions, but if they don't work then they are just eye candy. Bugs can be a big frustration...was doing the Biker Rally to get a much needed beer garden, and their server dns disappeared and could not log in for almost a day (and thus failed to complete that event even to the stage for the beer garden). Loving the new playfields though. Skippyroo, have you read my thread "New Events Please"? Your input there would be appreciated:D
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  13. Heyaaa to all old timers still hanging around. :)

    Well, now it seems the game is not worth logging in even once a week. :) There's no sign of any developper still being alive, nor is there any sign of that former would-be-saviour Seph. :) Oh gosh, where are your promisses, dear Sephie? ? ? :)

    Maybe we should start some "Post-RC recovery group" where we all meet to share our nostalgy over this dead baby, and chat a bit about in whose arms we found comfort after going through this emocional breakdown. :D :D :D

    Wonder what oceans the Pirate is now cruising :) :) :) Can't see him going under full sails in the Dad Sea. :) Ther's no merchant boats to capture. :)

    The same goes about Wizz. The Forums actualy undergone more developement then the game itself in tha last months, before even this activity went belly up. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: It's a bit shamefull he put so much effort into creating the best game FAQ I have ever seen, only to see the game let him down completelly.
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  14. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Sign me up. I would love to follow some of the great ones like yourself. :p:D Who knows maybe they have been watching old Monty Python's "I am not dead yet, you know" :eek:
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  15. Hipshot

    Hipshot User

    It really has gone down the drain hasn't it. Heck, I wouldn't even log in if I didn't have to to get to the forum
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  16. Geflin

    Geflin User

    Seems to me that there is life in the devs yet...after all, we have two additional new playfields (three since I started RC). There are more Levels, more buildings, Comet packs, a couple new events (Rock Festival say). I think they are doing ok in keeping the game alive and what we need to do as a forum/community is get talking about what we want to see (new) in RC. The more voices the more likely the devs will do something. Let's face it, it's a free game with some additional items that can be purchased. If BP wants us to spend money on RC they will have to keep us interested. Momma always said: quiet mouth won't get fed. Daddy said: squeaky wheel gets the grease. Geflin says: S-q-u-e-e-e-e-e-e-a-k-k-k ....FEED ME!:D
  17. I pretty much agree with you Geflin, with the xmas/ holiday season approaching it would be great to see the holiday event reworked a little to incorperate an extra level 40-75 maybe and the rewards improved,
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  18. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Sad thing is we saw the winter event last week during the accidental activation of the event. I did not notice any changes from last year. Ho HO Hum Drum. :( Maybe we can see it in the St Patty's or Easter events they have some time to get them changed. We can hope.
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  19. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    I agree too, but I think at least one reason you don't see many ideas being thrown around is that whoever is left doesn't think anything will get done.

    Yeah, there are some pretty big bugs, but unless they have two people working on this game three days a week, I have to say I'm really surprised it has taken so long to fix them, and I do understand the development process. The game is obviously working, and if they can't allocate a few hours to change up seasonal events at least, well, how busy are they? Doing what? I don't need new content so bad that we need to recycle events 100%. Changing prizes or adjusting some odds should be a simple enough job.

    I would like to know what other games people have been playing, but I guess that might count as advertising as far as pesky rules go (Why is there no forum PM system?). These games are a dime-a-dozen in an incredibly competitive market. It's chance that brought me here and I have to admit that I'm surprised I'm even playing a casual browser game consistently — much less talking about it — since I'm traditionally a more serious gamer. I've looked at other city games since, but some things I like about RC is that you don't need Facebook or mobile platforms natively, and it's easier to play for a few minutes here and there while I study or whatever, unlike good-old SimCity or other games that I usually play. But I see that other games have rotation and seemingly better rent collectors that have been asked for here. I wouldn't be surprised if they are watching the forums of competing games and taking note. One even put up-front how much they listen to players' feedback.

    Whatever they are working on, again, no need to be so quiet. Even a progress update would keep people in good spirits. Unless you guys are afraid you can't deliver. I only play RC as far as BP games go. People always talk about other BP games having this or that or how they are still advancing (that whole MM confirmation and cinema ticket scandal, for example). Well share some code, or something, if you aren't already.

    Just saying.
  20. dappesh

    dappesh User

    It's not against the letter of the rules to post search terms, I don't believe... but please make your own determination on that.

    As far as I can tell from my own searches, which are limited but growing :( , the unique thing about RC that I like is that there's no war. Most of the games I've seen seem to eventually head to attacking your neighbors, in which I really don't have much interest.
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