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Do you rather produce your own goods or do you buy them from the market place?

Poll closed Mar 8, 2014.
  1. 1. I mostly produce all goods myself.

    52 vote(s)
  2. 2. I mostly buy all goods from the market place.

    2 vote(s)
  3. 3. I produce goods with a short production time myself, and I buy those goods with a long production

    0 vote(s)
  4. 4. I produce goods with a long production time myself, and I buy those goods with a short production

    3 vote(s)
  5. 5. I only buy goods at the market place when I need them for a special event.

    5 vote(s)
  6. 6. It depends. I have no preferences.

    8 vote(s)
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  1. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Hello Mayors,

    This week we have a new poll for you to vote/comment on.
    Please remember that you can only choose one answer and voting ends Friday, 7th March at 24:00.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
  2. skb13

    skb13 User

    Tricky. I buy the cheaper farm materials, and I buy bricks. That's about it. Occasionally I top-up on other materials if I'm short just a few, but not often.
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  3. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    I have a strong preference for being self-sufficient where it is possible to do so.
    When it comes to bricks, and the brickyard, buying bricks is a necessary evil, unless you are prepared to upgrade very few buildings.

    Everything else I try to produce myself. Except a few cheapish farm products which I tend to buy on the marketplace aswell.

    So, a strong 1 from me
  4. I always go for what is the most convenient at any given moment. No preferences at all. Whatever best serves the purpose of the day. Market is a great part of the game, which would be much less interesting without it. It's presence broadens options and variety of playing. At the moment it is also the only way of ingame interaction among players.
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  5. nervo82

    nervo82 User

    I'm more or less a (1) but obviously prefer selling rolls to feeding them to my population. And my bank manager keeps whispering 'sell more bricks' ...

    Like Norton, I am fond of the market with all its variations.
  6. Tamy

    Tamy User

    I do not have any strong preference, but since bricks and beams are usually what I'm missing, and with their market price rising, and never having enough CC to do all I want -- I end up producing more or less everything (and yes, selling most of my rolls instead of feeding these hungry residents).

    Interesting pole, btw.
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  7. Daedalus89

    Daedalus89 User

    I usually make the goods myself, but if for example I need 50 bricks for the last step of a new house and I only have 48 at that time, I will buy them rather than waiting for the next brickyard cycle to finish.
  8. I'm with both of you on this one. I typically make what I need myself, but if I run out before I am able to make more or if I am too impatient to wait for the next batch, I'll buy what I need to supplement my lack from the marketplace. In a lot of instances, though, it depends on what the lowest price is that I can get it at. I have my limitations.
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  9. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    1000 for bricks, 400 for concrete for me.
    Maybe if I am desperate I will go to 1001 for bricks, but never 1002. Never.
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  10. Same here! Never more than 200 for beams when I need them or 125 for rolls. I don't normally have any problems with concrete. It seems that I get plenty from my ER rewards.
  11. Dollars2

    Dollars2 User

    We have a marketplace? Guess I fall into the 1 catagory. I think this stems from when the marketplace did not work on internet explorer so i got used to going without. Guess this explains the many many materials i have stocked up in case of a big quest coming out needing everything.
  12. i produce all the goods myself, on the 2 occasions that i did buy beams they were so cheap that i immediately resold them for a profit:)
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  13. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I try to produce for myself as much as possible. But, if circumstances require me to get some additional products to complete a project or event in a hurry and the price is reasonable I will go to the market place. I will set time and level goals. For example: I want to increase population by a hundred in three days - requires building or upgrading several buildings - I will produce as much as possible, but might need an additional 500 beams and 500 bricks, I will go to the market place to pick up the need materials to complete the projects in time.
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  14. Some of us just don't have your kind of patience, my forum master friend! :D
  15. billyjim

    billyjim User

    That is the beauty of this game. We have the option to choose how we approach the solutions to the challenges in the game. You can make the items yourself or but them from others or do both. That is the freedom to make each of our cities unique and our own. The more choices the betters.
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  16. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    i've tried to be self sufficient but its not possible. houses reach upgrade point faster then i can upgrade and city needs cant be fulfilled for all homes with the current production limits.

    so i buy what i cant produce, with the extra CC i get from my capitalists, EP and PP come in abundance from alot of sources : shooting stars, booster packs, city wheel, events so i hardly have any workers/students in city, just enough to manage events.

    i guess the real question is how fast you want to progress. and which needs are worth supplying. everybody has their own progression speed and this is whats great about this game, you can play it in many different ways, either rush for the last station, or play it cool and enjoying the sights

    in conclusion, i see market as a necessary evil, and sometimes as a quick fix for a problem that otherwise might take alot more time. i voted (1) because its my goal.
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  17. I am with you guys on this one. My discouragement comes with the amount of products, on top of the cost, to upgrade all my buildings.
  18. kuroyany

    kuroyany User

    I try to produce as much as I can but I know what it isn't always possible. If there are bricks at a reasonable price I may buy. I also keep an eye out for cheap barley too
  19. Once again I'm wondering what this poll is about. :) Just hesitated to post it as I don't have time to think about all possible aspects of it.

    Given the place and importance production has in the game right from it's start, it's obvious that everybody is producing most of their goods. We didn't need a poll to reveal that. Even I, despite having no preferences, still do produce wast majority of what I need.

    So ........ what does it actually say about anything? :)

    I hope some zelous developer trying to show his activity will not come to a conclusion that the market is actually not needed. :) That would really be a major misfortune. :)

    So have I missed anything, or is the poll really just cute, but in terms of information value rather pointless? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  20. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    Have you seen the latest Dev Blog 'Commander?
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