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Which is your favorite (Weekly) Quest?

Poll closed Mar 2, 2014.
  1. 1. Classic Car Rally

    8 vote(s)
  2. 2. Ancient Festival

    18 vote(s)
  3. 3. Wood Chopping Competition

    10 vote(s)
  4. 4. Flea Market

    11 vote(s)
  5. 5. Biker Rally

    3 vote(s)
  6. 6. Children’s Festival

    7 vote(s)
  7. 7. Artists’ Expo

    5 vote(s)
  8. 8. Circus

    4 vote(s)
  9. 9. Farmer’s Market

    0 vote(s)
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  1. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Hello Mayors,

    This week we have a new poll for you to vote/comment on.
    Please remember that you can only choose one answer and voting ends Friday, 28st February at 24:00.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
  2. I'd like to know the reason behind this poll. Will the winner be presented more often? Or will the last two loosers be dropped from circulation? Or any other purpose this poll is supposed to serve?

    While previous polls purpose was quite obvious in this case it is rather allusive and without further backup info looks more like a fun player poll. :)

    Errrrm ...... btw I don't have one favourite, rather several on equal level, but multiple voting is not enabled here if I'm not mistaken, so I'll probably avoid this thing. :)

    It would be easier though for me to pick up one least favourite, and in this case the unchallenged winner would be the infamous bikers rally. :)
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  3. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    "We want to know which of these you like or do not like, and why."
  4. skb13

    skb13 User

    Maybe it is just a fun player poll? Maybe it's to determine the preferred factors in an event to tailor new events in the same guise? Maybe it's all a conspiracy? Maybe it's time to lighten up and enjoy the game as it is, rather than find something to whinge about?

    From my point of view I like the Ancient Festival because:
    1) It has no trash to pick up
    2) It has two good decos as reward
    3) The final stage is event drops, which means I can keep collecting event drops on my level 4 mastery buildings until the last minute.
  5. Norton, I'm with you on this bit. The biker rally has too many consecutive steps to achieve, leaving me grappling in the marketplace for many of the things that I need while I'm trying to take care of each step. I voted for the children's festival as I really love the little playground. It was my first ever event and I have not been able to do it since either because it hasn't been available or because I'm too advanced in levels. The others, however, seem to be getting old news with little excitement leading to them. The only thing that I really get excited about with them at this point are the CCs.
  6. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    oohh this week we have a simple one... last week was hard, i didn't vote :(
    i like woodcutters.. well ... because i like to cut wood and eat power bars.
    thank you.
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  7. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    Ancient Festival is the only one I look forward to.
    The others have been around the block far too many times.
    Would be more inclined to do them if there was a different/new residential offered as opposed to the same one time and time again.

    Biker Rally is least favourite because of the masses of bricks required to get past the first stage!
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  8. Maybe. But we wont know unless they tell us, shall we. :) That's why I ask questions: to learn something. There's always a chance they will give out a bit of info about what's going on behind the curtain and what we can be looking forward to, right? :)
  9. DAVE111117

    DAVE111117 User

    There needs to be 1 more option "None of the above" that would be my vote. The only good 1 is not on the list, winter games.
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  10. Daedalus89

    Daedalus89 User

    Favourite: Classic car rally
    Reasons: Doesn't require too many building resources. Also my first ever event after Farmers' Market, love the classic cars driving around my city. :)

    Least favourite: A tie between Bikers' Rally and Artist Week
    Reasons: Bikers' Rally-requires too many bricks and potatoes. Also my sole Level 1 brewery strained to make the kegs.
    Artist week-I don't use ERS, therefore no need for students in the city. No students= no friendship bracelets! :(

    I didn't manage to join Children's festival in time:(:(:( because of the level constraint. I guess it will forever be my regret.:oops:

    I know some players don't like it, but I actually like street boulders challenges. :) Just not at the last stage and not more than 250.
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  11. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I like all of them.

    If I had to choose I would have to say I like the Artist expo best simply because the rewards fit my needs best at this time small to mid-size city with growth restrictions.

    Least favorite Biker Rally - The only one that defeated me the first time. Ugh. It is tough to produce enough kegs with three breweries, Soy Beans with eight farms, and Tofu dogs with four bakeries, all upgraded to level two or above. So feel your pain Wildheart150122.
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  12. TCRooster

    TCRooster User

    Like the woodchopping simply for hollywood diner permit and I like the circus for the reactor permits. Never got to try the childrens week - you level up too fast, the biker rally I won't even bother with looking at the ridiculous resources and the artist week, although I like the building I don't have many students making it not viable for me. I loved the winter games and the valentines event wasn't bad either despite the glitch in the middle.
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  13. hello, all.
    i like mostly the Circus Event , cause i need and also love those Small Reactors,which come as prize each time this event is on.
    due the fact that last update made me not to buy Solar Plants permits anymore , cause the prices are not ok for me if they keep on rising up , then yes, i need those Small Reactors.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014
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  14. -damidami-

    -damidami- User

    mee too, and I vote the same ^-^! love (and need) the small Reactors;)
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  15. I like most events. Each has some assets. Was thinking about taking each event and specifying what is good about them, but that would take me too much time to re-check and remind myself what asset is in which event. I wish I had time to do that in more detail, but a brief summary will have to do instead:

    Some have excellent experience like Ancient Festival, some offer good CC rewards, others have nice final price buildings (unless one has too many of them already), X-presso is good, Mystery building too, 4 star RIs also come in handy, Small Reactors are great ....... generally I think events provide a nice and varied mix of rewards.

    The only one I dislike and never even bothered to start is Biker Rally due to insane amount of time and devotion it requires. I'm not a game fanatic to allow a game to control my life and sleep. :)

    I wouldn't mind a chance for Rustic Windmill for higher levels and I dislike boulder drops, but can survive it occasionally if they are not more then 250. Still I often just stop before bolder drop challenge.

    Now you see why I can't vote since multiple votes is restricted. :)

    I think this poll should be followed by the research for ideas about what players would like to see in new events. But hopefully in some better format then this as it doesn't seem to serve it's purpose very well. My oppinion anyway. :rolleyes: Also to make any such "research" meaningfull the reseacher needs to know the level of the respondent as it greatly influences what they do and don't like.
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  16. I am a school kid in year 8 however this is what i think:

    The bikers event: i hate
    Reason: it is so hard a game can't take up my life i will never do that unless, they make it easier. The rewards are also very poor

    Children event: I would love to try

    I did have one try a long time ago however i wish i could do it again.

    Reason: It has nice rewards and does not need a lot of hard work. It is the complete opposite to the bikers event

    Art event: It is ok

    Reason: it it not to hard but let again the reward aren't very good.

    Farmer's event: it would be good

    Reason: It has good reward and does not need a lot of work plus, the windmill look great. It is just a lot of fun

    The classic car event: I have tried it but don't want to again

    Reason: I liked it at the time but now i really don't like it. The reward are pretty bad for the work load. Plus, i got what i wanted the dream garage.

    The circuits event: It is ok but not the best

    I really don't like the end building because it take so long to upgrade. The power plant is good.

    The old-timer event (also know as ancient event): it not that good.

    Reason: It take not that much work but i can't get into the deco but that just me. The power plant is good but i fine with amount that i have so i don't need anymore of then for now so i don't bother with starting the event.

    The flea market: is good

    Reason: It is good the Mystery building permit is good but i have to many of the tenement so if i have the time i will do the event.

    The wood chopping event: is ok

    It take up to much work for the reward in just don't like it

    so my least fav is the bikers event and my fav is children event

    Thanks and sorry for the long post
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  17. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    Okay then, I'll give it a go.
    NB this is done as a high-level player.

    Ancient Festival:

    Lots of them, best regular event there is. Good experience (90k is a nice boost), different levels, rewards are varied and good.
    Power reward, loot reward, CC, xpresso.
    Final stage is a big help for the masteries (for the capitalist buildings, anyway).
    Almost like a mini special-event.

    The main one is the residential. No residential prize in the final stage + modern pier house would be okay if there was an additional prize in the end, but as the sole residential reward during the event, it is pretty tedious.

    9/10. Throw in a decent residential in the final stage and it'd be almost the perfect regular event.

    The Circus:

    Positives: Vitamins, cloths drop is good for masteries. Do first 3 levels, then pick up cloths for rest of the event.
    Easy event.

    Negatives: Woeful residential, lots of boulder to pick up. With the exception of the vitamins, the rewards aren't particular great at all. Could easily use this event as the event for people up to level 30 (for example), and then a proper event for levels 31+, but I digress. (shocker)


    Classic Car Rally:

    Positives: Reasonably challenging, pretty decent residential, xpressos. Tools drop tend to be pretty rapid from what I remember.

    Negatives: Figurines take the brickyard out of action for a while, boulder drops in the middle of the event is bit of a nuisance and means I generally only do the first couple of stages. Radio tower as a reward is nothing short of scandalous.


    Artist Week:

    Positives: Nice experience, some great emergency rewards. Drops are varied and require a little bit of thought rather than click,click, click.

    Negatives: THE EXPRESSIONIST VILLA! Also would rather much have xpressos rather than another silly sculpture. 2 lots of PP rewards is too many aswell.
    Brickyards taken out of action.

    7/10. But would be a lot lower for a non-ERS city.

    Flea Market:

    Positives: Piece of cake, mystery reward is a big plus (I got an Urban Villa last week), xpressos/vitamins. Worst stage is left to the end, so can just skip over that one if we want.

    Negatives: Boulder drops + silly Tenement. Rewards little stingy at times.



    Positives: Hollywood Diner, xpresso, drops are very handy for masteries. No farm or brickyard production needed.

    Negatives: Too many RI as rewards, log cabin is not the best, lots of beams are needed which could hurt depending on your level.


    Biker Event:

    Positives: It only comes around about once a month.

    Negatives: 400 bricks for first stage is insane so I don't bother starting it even more. Tofu dogs is even insaner. Red tulips/memorial reward is ridiculous.
    Event is only really possible for those with hundreds of xpressos or suffer from insomnia. Or both.

  18. I think that pretty much sums it up! At least in my opinion!
  19. nice post Mr Mungo i agree on all except artist week, as i dont do the ers i give this event a total miss
  20. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    You probably won't have much use for the vitamins either then I take it?
    If you have any spare, I'll happily take them off your hands! ;)
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