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Which of these two options are more important to you?

Poll closed Feb 1, 2014.
  1. My city is very efficient.

  2. My city is very nice-looking.

  3. Both are equally important to me.

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  1. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Hello Mayors,

    We want to know more about how you play and what is important to you in Rising Cities. So please vote until Friday evening.

    Results as well as comments will be forwarded to our teams for evaluation.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
  2. skb13

    skb13 User

    Though if I had the time, I'd try and make it nice-looking too. But apart from anything else, finding decos that have got scattered around is pretty tricky! Need a foundation except for decos view. :)
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  3. Joey77

    Joey77 User

    Such a silly poll here, makes me want to present a poll for the Dev.

    Dev poll - Which is more important to you?

    -Having players?


    -Getting money?
  4. hello, all.

    in the 1st place ,important for me as mayor in RC, is the way my city looks.
    and by this i mean that :

    - i want more space so i put all residences i have available and will require more space , more decorations, so city will have ''breathing areas'' too. when i say ''breathing areas'' i refer to more spaces between neighbourhoods , i hope that commercial building such as malls or hybrid ones will be implemented, cause i don't like to have 4-5 commercial buildings all of them near each other. same as in real life , a city consists of residences with more than 10 floors , with malls near them. a mall will supply nearby residences with 4-5 types of products, for a wider range than 14x14. dont know if there are commercial buildings with a bigger range than 14x14 , i havent upgraded all of them yet;

    - new levels of residences to bring nice design of them each time ;
    so far i like all residences the way are designed.

    on 2nd place, efficiency of my city.
    well, here i would love a multiplayer interaction , as i presented here .
    the single player gameplay i enjoyed so far is good too, but sometimes i need to play in teams with others.

    of course that events help also both at the way my city looks and the way is efficient day by day , events that i have enjoyed them so far.

    this is my personal oppinion , and beside this if i may: i respect the admins on this forum, for knowing to respect players as well.
    a forum is important for an online game, to get more infos, to socialise, etc.
    i've seen admins here that dont rush to close threads , but they kindly ask ''is there anything we can help before closing?'' . and thumbs up for this , it shows decency , kindness at high-rise level and desire to help more with infos.
    cheers for this. huggs for all of you, guys, from me. ;)
  5. MillerWrox

    MillerWrox User

    Dear Rising Cities Staff, when you make it, could I have one of those too please? (-:
  6. I voted for "both equaly" as there are only 3 clear cut options, but want to be more specific here. For me the look seems more important from current state of the affairs. Cities definitely need more space, more variety, to build it into nice places, not a dump yard cramped with buildings so close to each other that oftentimes the inhabitants can't even open their windows so to speak. But obviously it would be no fun building such a city if it was not efficient enough.

    By that I mean:
    • Current efficiency is very good for me as I'm not a speed hunter. Usually get enough of everything I need without much trouble. I don't desire any improvement in this area, maybe just cosmetic like adding something similar to RI and Mastery to production facilities. Which would really be more about the fun of the game then efficiency. If it was too efficient, too fast, the game would end too soon. I liked struggling through first 20 levels and I do like more relaxed gaming now and I like the fact that I can play it for a long time and all this time it has been a meaningfull game despite many problems and glitches.
    • Beauty side needs a lot of improvement in many aspects: More space, variety of decos based on logic (it's ok to have 20 trees or flower beds, but who want's xx pieces of the same funny statue? for example), and more care to what the buildings and their upgrades look like would be beneficial too, but this I guess is subject to individual tastes. I like everything green, spacious, well detailed without obvious uggliness. Also powerplants fight against the beauty of the cities as they are too many needed for such a small space. Form of upgradable plants maybe with the option to combine 2 or 3 existing plants into one building could provide a nice solution for that. Generally a city usually should not need 10 or 20 or more powerplants, should it. The same (option to combine 2 level 3 same buildings into one) could actually be done for production facilities to diminish industrial space in favour of parks and gardens etc., although here the situation is not as bad as with powerplants.
    Well, ok. See what I mean? While both are important, only beauty side needs substantial improvements imo.

    Errrrrm ............ and thanks for asking us guys. ;)
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  7. yep i second that ;)
  8. I just realised one more thing. When typing my first post I thought of "efficiency" only in terms of CC, PP, EP and products output. But there is another side to efficiency, which is quite important to me, and this is an efficiency of repeated operations like clearing underbrush, picking bolder drops and such. It could also be defined as user friendly or user comfort attribute. The suggestion on how to deal with that is on old forum. I'll find it and link it from here when I have time. Otherwise these activities are simply killing the game by extreme boredom when every such simple operation needs 3 clicks with a lot of mouse movement each.
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  9. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Thank you Mayors for your answers.
    We will forward your votes along with most interesting comments to our Dev Team.

    The international results are:

    My city is very efficient!314
    My city is very nice-looking!245
    Both are equally important to me!778
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