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Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE
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  1. Hello and welcome to the new forum,

    As you already noticed the new forum is a bit different from the old forum, some areas have been moved or renamed but they are still there ;)

    There are also some great new feature for you to use on this forum but let's start with the Layout of the forum and where to find something and where to post what exactly.

    The general layout and order of areas are not that different from the old forum:

    House Rules
    That's where you can find the global Bigpoint forum rules. They are almost the same for every Bigpoint forum, only the size of the signature may vary ;)

    Still the same - you'll find all the Official announcements and Patch Notes in this area.
    We also have an extra section for Event announcements now, so the next time we'll have our Mod Team in game event for example you'll find the announcement there.

    The Help / FAQ section got it's on area on this forum. Some FAQ forums are just like Headquarters a 'read only' area for players. Of course you'll find a lot of helpful posts by the Moderators there and players can use the 'Newbie' section to ask for help or offer help as well as some of the other FAQ forums that are open for you to post there.
    When you need to post in the FAQ/Help are please make sure to post in the right forum.

    The biggest area of the forum, here you can look for other players to play with, discuss new updates, report bugs and other issues, introduce yourself to the community and advertise your wings as well as your ideas for the game.
    You'll also find a sub forum for Kobol in the bug report section, it's the only server that's not part of the server discussion section because from time to time we deploy some Beta builds on Kobol.
    The official forum Games section is (like the name suggests) for official forum games. So when there are any forum games we maybe will have in the future, that's the area where you have to be.
    You'll find official discussion and feedback threads in the Game Discussion and Feedback forum but it's 'read only' for players so you can't create your own discussion threads there. You have to use Speaker's corner for that.

    User's Corner
    Just like on the old forum you'll find the Speaker's Corner (Rec Room) as well as the Media Library here. You also find the server discussion forums in this area. Every server got it's own sub forum in this section.

    And then there's Archive in case you ever need to check some old OAs or discussions.


    So there are some great new features on this new forum for you to use which you didn't have on our old forum. :cool:

    Report - Button
    You now have the chance to report posts for inappropriate content. So if someone is harassing you or posted something that's against the rules you just have to click on report and we'll look into it.
    IMPORTANT: Abuse of the Report button will lead to sanctions against your account forum and game account. Do not report a post just because you don't like the player !

    You can now 'Like' a post someone else made, you'll find the 'Like' button on every post in the lower right corner.

    Follow other players
    Not only can you like posts you can also 'Follow' other players. Followers can (if the player allows it) see additional profile information and they can use our next new feature ...

    Post message on a profile page
    You have the option to allow other members or just the players you follow to post message on your profile page.
    Of course you have the 'Report' feature for those posts too, so if someone is harassing you, you can report him.
    The same rules apply here, DO NOT abuse the report button.

    Unfortunately the 'New Post' button will show you all new posts for all language forums, so if you want to keep an eye on areas and threads you can use the 'watch thread/forum' feature.
    Some of you may notice that you don't see any signatures, that's because by default it's deactivated to display them. Go to your account preferences and check the 'show signature' box and you'll see them ;)
    That's all for now, we hope you'll like the new forum,

    Your Rising Cities Team
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    In order to keep our forum organization, old threads need to be moved to Archive. They will be available there for you to reread whenever you need.

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