What is it going to take to actually get some help!?!?!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Coog, Feb 22, 2016.

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  1. Coog

    Coog User

    I have sent in TWO support tickets, and posted here, and STILL have NO UPDATES OR INFO AS TO A RESOLUTION OF MY ISSUE!!!! I was told it would be handled through EMAIL, but I haven't received anything. I DEFINITELY FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED, and if something doesn't happen soon, my reviews of this game/support board/system, will NOT be nice. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! It's hampering my ability to play the game like I want.
  2. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Going by how things were worded, I'm pretty sure the issue you had was with Cash for Action, right? The thing in the Treasury menu in-game. It seems here they thought it was the cinema, since most people complain about that. CfA is known to be a problem and nobody has mentioned it for a long time. The providers have their own support, outside of the control of the game. The offers often don't work for one reason or another. You won't get help here or through the game. If you sent your support though the CfA provider and aren't getting an answer, just try again or give up. If that is the case it would also explain why there was no record of support here having received your ticket. It isn't the fault of the RC or the its own support. Your threats don't hold much weight.

    My main city can't even access CfA anymore (no offers available in my county, supposedly, which is absolutely false as other cities can access them fine), and their support (Fyber) has not answered me either. One city even has a different CfA provider. It's a mess. Fyber in particular, doesn't have a very friendly support system.

    As an aside, let's be fair: this isn't hampering your ability to play as you wish; it's hampering your ability to play as you wish for free. Frustrating perhaps, but you can't blame it for depriving you of fun. If you need MM, there are other ways, and even other free ways built into the game (events, boosters), though they may be less abundant in general.
  3. Coog

    Coog User

    I appreciate your response. But, the CFA wasn't FREE. It cost me money to do. Which, is why I'm so upset about it. Had it been a FREE offer, I would have nothing to complain about.
  4. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    I checked with the "Powers that be" and there is no record of a support ticket. Are you using the same email address you set up your RC account with? Have you received an automatic confirming email and followed the directions completely? if so what is the ticket number? We are going through every ticket, answered and junk tickets, What was the date and time of the support ticket?

    Asuru thank you once again for the assistance
  5. Coog

    Coog User

    Well, it's the same email that i use to log into games.com. It does auto populate an email for me though, but it's not the email that I use to log in to games.com with. It never sent me any kind of confirmation number or anything like that. I've sent in 2 support tickets at this point.
  6. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Your ticket was sent form where? The "?" icon in the top-right of the RC game window? Or the "Support" link below the game window? Both resolve to http://www.risingcities.com/?action=externalSupport. Because if not, I don't think there will be a record of it for the mods. As I was trying to say, if you sent it though the CfA support, it's in their hands. Details like this are important.
  7. G`day Coog, all support tickets come to me and I have replied to both, now we not only have multiple support tickets. we now have duplicate posts. I believe I said to you in a previous post that we would continue this via email and hence the reason that thread was closed. when you find my replies you can answer via a reply and I will receive it. there is no point in bringing this attitude of being scammed and accusing the mods of not replying when they have.
    The cash for action is outside of where I can help you. approaching the advertiser direct is one option for you to consider. as I mentioned in one of my replies to you that I will forward your concern to the devs in my report which I usually do once a week.
    I have now closed your support tickets and will leave this thread open for the time being.
    Arsuru, thanks a ton for your insight and help. As usual you are spot on ;):)
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  8. Coog

    Coog User

    i give up. i'll just take the hit. not impressed.
  9. nothing further closed
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